Assigment 6. Back-end Implementation

Choose one from the following projects: For details, check out the /c/cs421/as/as6/README.as6 file.

Assignment 6a (20 points)

Write a dummy version of your module that ignores its input and produces the output appropriate for a given sample program.

Assignment 6b (20 points)

Write a version of your module that mostly works. Verify that the dummy input given to you by other teams is reasonable and correct.

Assignment 6c (20 points)

Produce a version of your module that you warrant as correct.

Assignment 6d (20 points)

Prepare a beautifully documented version for your classmates to read. And, since warrantees aren't everything, fix the bugs reported to you by your classmates.

Assignment 6e (120 points)

Make everything work and submit a Complete Compiler. In your README, list which team implemented which module in your working compiler. But each team must individually hook all the parts together.