CS 421/521: Compilers and Interpreters

Spring 2017, Yale University

We will use the piazza forum for announcements and discussions.

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Lecture Notes

Online Documentations

  • The Standard ML Basis Library
  • The SML/NJ documentations including user guide, CM, ml-lex, and ml-yacc.
  • Bob Harper's Programming in Standard ML
  • A nice and short guide for x86 Assembly
  • The art of assembly language (online html and pdf)
  • A quick guide to programming on Intel IA 32 PC architecture.
  • Official IA32 Intel architecture software developer's manuals:
  • Volume 1: Basic Architecture (pdf);
  • Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference Manual (pdf);
  • Volume 3: System Programming Guide (pdf.)
  • The Programming Language and Compiler Research Home Page.
  • The Standard ML of New Jersey Official Site.
  • Browse the comp.compilers or comp.lang.ml newsgroups.
  • Standard ML Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Mailing list archives.
  • GNU Online Docs, including the complete Emacs manual.
  • Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) for Emacs and Unix.
  • The Zoo, and Zoo-Specific Help Documents

  • Copyright (c) 1998 - 2017 Zhong Shao, Dept. of Computer Science, Yale University