Bookmarks for Bratin Saha

Bookmarks for Bratin Saha

Yale Pages

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The Yale Daily News Online
Computer Science Courses
Yale South Asian Society Homepage
Yale University Student Systems Homepage
Engineering & Applied Science Library


The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
VA Research Linux Red Hat 4.0
Linux Installation and Getting Started
The Linux HOWTO Index
Linux Software Map
The Official FVWM Homepage
FVWM Configuration Help & Samples
Linux Security Home Page.
Linux Now - the most complete linux reference
BackSpace and Delete Configuration for Linux (VT, xterm, bash, tcsh, netscape and more)

Executable Content

FSMC Workshop Position Statements
Mobile Object Systems: Towards the Programmable Internet
Mobile Code Bibliography

CS sites

Reflection Documentation
TOM Server: Document Conversion
rfc specs
The WWW Security FAQ
Smartlist FAQ
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
Computer Virus Myths home page

Language links

NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation - Compiling Scheme
The Art of Assembly Language Programming
java reflection
djvm report.html


ACM Classic of the Month
MIT LCS: Human Impact: Perspective
CNN -Flashback: The history of computing

Research sites

Resources for Programming Language Research
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
Tutorial Papers in Functional Programming
Researchers in Programming Languages and Compilers
ACM Brings You the World of Computing
Hypertext Help with LaTeX
Functional Programming Technical Papers
NJ Programming Languages and Systems Seminar
The WDVL: Perl
Standard ML of New Jersey
SML/NJ Development Info
The comp.compilers newsgroup
Academic Links
The FoxNet Web Server
The Caml language
Articles Jean-Yves Girard

Research libraries

ACM Digital Library
Springer LINK - Complete List of Titles

News sites

The New York Times on the Web
MSNBC Cover Page
CNN Interactive
Welcome to Science Online
TIME Magazine
The New Haven Advocate | Film
Select Your Local News

India sites

IndiaWorld -- India on the Internet
Consulate General of India: New York
SAMACHAR: Your Personalised Indian Newspaper
Welcome to Rediff On The NeT
India Today Group Online
Welcome to the Calcutta Online Homepage
!Personal Pages of Malini and Anil Nair - Useful Indian and search Links
Welcome to Little India


Hindi Songs in Real Audio Format
All India Internet Radiio
Radio Asia
All India Radio -- Film Music
music menu
All India Radio -- Home Page
Hindi film music (new)
All India Site - Music & Dance Index

KGP sites

KGPNET: IIT Kharagpur Alumni Network
The Class of 1996 of IIT Kharagpur


CricInfo - The Home of Cricket on the Internet
Steffi Graf International Supporters' Club (SGISC)


Welcome To TripQuest
Lonely Planet on-line
Travel Tips
US State Department - Services - Visas
FAQ: Travel Agents Survey for the Indian SubContinent
MTA Metro-North Railroad Schedules


Digital Daily Welcome - IRS
ConneCT - State of Connecticut Website

Other Music Links

Pugmarks Jukebox - Music Section...Real Audio

Useful Language Links

Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen

Jobs -- Recruiters and Databank

Links for Job Hunters
The Job Hunter
Job Hunter's Resources
The Software Jobs Home Page - Software Job Listings
New Dimensions in Technology, Inc. - Home Page
Leading Consulting Firms
Alphabetical Directory of Consulting Firms
SCIENCE Professional Network: Jobs, Careers, and Employment in Science

Search Engines

AltaVista: Main Page

The Weather Channel
Introduction to Cosmology Web Site World's Largest Bookseller Online
The Quotations Home Page
Srinivas Padmanabhuni's Hotlist
Digital Cameras - Resources