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col·o·phon:   ['kä-l&-f&n, -''fän]
noun. an inscription placed at the end of a book or manuscript usually with facts relative to its production. [WWWebster Dictionary] which we credit all the great free software we use, and promote our political beliefs regarding Internet standards.

Made with Emacs This site was created using GNU Emacs 20.2. It is maintained, in true hacker fashion, using a Makefile and scripts that automatically add the `boilerplate' surrounding each page, update the `Last modified' time, relocate pages using BASE HREF, and so on. Some ideas and a simple Perl preprocessor were taken from Dan Wallach and the Safe Internet Programming group at Princeton.

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Any Browser We are very picky about the correctness, accessibility, and graceful degradation of our site. We support the Campaign for a Non- Browser- Specific WWW by strictly following the HTML 3.2 specification and other Internet standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. An icon at the foot of each page will, when selected, validate that page with the W3C HTML Validation Service. Try it! (For fun, ask it to validate your favorite site created by, e.g., NetObjects Fusion)

Weblint Every page on this site is also checked by Weblint, an HTML style checker (version 1.020, copyright ©1997 by Neil Bowers). With the -pedantic option, Weblint helps ensure our pages are accessible. For instance, it forces us to use structural markup rather than physical; <EM> or <CITE> as opposed to <I>) and to provide an ALT tag for every image.

We strongly encourage users to email us with concerns regarding accessibility, broken links, and so on. Help prevent web rot! (And be a picky user of other sites too... it will make the web better for everyone.)

Graphics by Gimp The few images on this site that we couldn't steal were created using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (the Gimp). It's a pretty nifty package, and free too!

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