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  CS 629 Advanced Topics in Programming Language Research  

(Spring 2004)

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In this seminar we will discuss advanced topics in the design and semantics of high-level programming languages, with emphasis on techniques and tools for specifying and proving properties of programs. The seminar will be organized as a sequence of mini-courses, covering topics including but not limited to: The mini-courses will comprise about 3/4 of the overall course. In the remaining time, students will be expected to present papers on these or related topics.
CS429 or CS430 (or both). Undergraduates may take the course with permission of the instructors.
Time and place:
WF 10-11:30 in 400 AKW

OfficeOffice Hours
Paul Hudak308 AKWTBA
Carsten Schürmann312 AKWdrop by
Valery Trifonov304 AKWdrop by




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