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WormSpace: A Modular Foundation for Simple, Verifiable Distributed Systems

Last modified: Thu Nov 21 22:08:00 2019 GMT.


Ji-Yong Shin
Jieung Kim
Wolf Honore
Hernán Vanzetto
Srihari Radhakrishnan
Mahesh Balakrishnan
Zhong Shao


We propose the Write-Once Register (WOR) as an abstraction for building and verifying distributed systems. A WOR exposes a simple, data-centric API: clients can capture, write, and read it. Applications can use a sequence or a set of WORs to obtain properties such as durability, concurrency control, and failure atomicity. By hiding the logic for distributed coordination underneath a data-centric API, the WOR abstraction enables easy, incremental, and extensible implementation and verification of applications built above it. We present the design, implementation, and verification of a system called WormSpace that provides developers with an address space of WORs, implementing each WOR via a Paxos instance. We describe three applications built over WormSpace: a flexible, efficient Multi-Paxos implementation; a shared log implementation with lower append latency than the state-of-the-art; and a fault-tolerant transaction coordinator that uses an optimal number of round-trips. We show that these applications are simple, easy to verify, and match the performance of unverified monolithic implementations. We use a modular layered verification approach to link the proofs for WormSpace, its applications, and a verified operating system to produce the first verified distributed system stack from the application to the operating system.


In Proc. 2019 ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SOCC'19), Santa Cruz, California. Pages 299-311, November 2019.
  • Conference Paper [PDF]

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